trend forecasting and color consultancy that prepared by Pantone Color Institute ™ "2021 Autumn Colors" was announced. Fashion writer and colors eagerly awaited by brands, we have compiled for you as the Milagro team! According to experts Pantone Color Institute, New York 2021/2022 autumn colors, dense and complex with a versatile range of colors in our lifestyle emphasizes our desire. Colors are summarized as follows: "Personal expression promotes colors; calmness and embracing healing, hope and joy at the same time expressing the rainbow colors ". Pantone Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, "a series with Revitalizing properties offering pragmatic tint colors for autumn 2021/2022, supporting our constantly rediscover the desire and the promise of re-emergence conductive offers a multitude of possibilities," he said. In short, "2021 Autumn Colors" and promises to be inspired us to hope, tell us! History, as we saw in autumn, 2021 also promises to be a significant shift to a more traditional warm tones such as tiles and army green. more bright colors like fuchsia and silver color combination will be the remarkable. Now what do you say on closer inspection these colors?

Sharp Blue (Pantone 18-4051 Strong Blue):
This distinctive blue hue, the color was one of the most remarkable London Fashion Week. Sharp blue, because it is one of the highly dynamic and impressive color "color confidence" was defined as. In addition, the sharp blue is said to be supported by a higher concentration levels. In sharp blue podium, we'll see it often in jeans and accessories kombinleriyle!

Sea Green (Ultramarine Green Pantone 18-5338):

Soldier as well as the green sea green color in this autumn we will see often. This green hue tinged blue by Pantone, "self-reliance and upright posture" was interpreted as a symbol. This year, especially in dress pants in sea green color even began to see ... confident and often use bold colors in kombinleriyle lovers should check out tracks in sea green color!

Brick color
Autumn colors in your wardrobe, which is necessarily one of the brown tile. Tiles, cold and gray weather, combined with the warm-up and warm energy that will help you reflect the people around you. Moreover, not only in the fall of 2021, in the years ahead as it seems will continue to evoke autumn colors, so you can invest in pieces in this color!

 Tangerines Red (Pantone 17-1562 Red Mandarin):

Tangerines red, orange undertones owned by writing miss those summer warmth and color to vie viability. by Pantone "provocative", defined as those colors used on behalf of black-and-white liven up your kombinleriyle and to differentiate. Likewise, also provides a nice fit with the trench coat has become a symbol of autumn we think! Those who do not want to use it in the clothes of vibrant colors, tangerine red lipstick to nail polish in the color or browse for ...

with a bold fuchsia color palette is very easy to liven up any of your combined! The brightness of the gray or beige tones of fuchsia color combined with the simplicity will be both fun and remarkable we think.
Mauve, in autumn as well as summer remains the most popular. In particular, we often see in mauve sweatshirts and sweaters, would be quite an ideal choice for those in favor of those who can not give up the soft colors and quiet.

Sleet (Pantone 16-3916 Sleet):

2021 The winner of gray shades for the autumn was "Sulusepken". It will be a quite logical choice to invest in these gray tones, one of the timeless colors. In addition, in trench coat and coats creations, we often come across this color. The color "Sulusepken" will be comfortable with most color tones is very convenient to create tone tone by combination with other gray tones!