Black Friday (Black Friday) refers to the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which is traditionally a holiday for many employees. It is usually a day full of private shopping opportunities and big discounts, and is considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With the spread of global brands ' sales and popularity, this special day has begun to be celebrated not only in the United States, but around the world. Why Black Friday? Normally on the Friday after Thanksgiving, grocery stores in the United States open their doors to their customers in early hours, and they also serve late. As the years progressed, it was not only the flexibility of the hour, but the price of flexibility started to be recognized and the discounts were being applied. With the implementation of the discount, the increased demands began to cause the extreme peak of the Friday days after Thanksgiving. In fact, in 1961, people in Philadelpihia were unable to step out of density. It was the year of 1961, when the name Black Friday was put in place, where cars were unable to move and people were crushed by the intensity because of the traffic. Another estimate is that some vendors recorded their profits in black ink and losses in red ink. As a homage to the term "land" that refers to the profitability caused by this former ledger retention app, it says the day has been called "Black Friday." The idea here is that retail businesses are selling enough to spend the rest of the year in "black" this Friday (and the following weekend).

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