Converse removed the Renews collection on the way to zero waste and zero carbonated future! On this road it comes out; He turned the bottles to the iconic classics by recycling cotton, cotton and polyester.

At least 75% of products in this collection were redesigned yarns were used. In addition, the spotted soles made with about 12% recycled rubber residues from the shoe production process appeared to reinterpret the old details. The domination of the neon colors used is the most remarkable features of the collection. Run Star Hike Crater and Chuck 70 Crater Knit like iconic models are returned back with brave new lines! In our opinion, for those who want to complete the combination of fun and a star part, the turquoise color of the "Renew Chuck Taylor All Star Crater Knit" will be a highly ideal choice.
Converse's first steps in sustainability attempt was discarded in 2017. The slogan of the Renew collection extracted in July 2017 was "too short to be wasted". In the case of sustainability, Converse produces 100% polyester used in the nose portion of the shoes and shoe ties by recycling plastic bottles.

The customers who inspired the Converse's Renew collection discovered the ways to contribute to their own recycling. With the fabric parts we do not use in our homes, there is no limit to what we will with ropes, buttons or beads. At this point, Converse can only say that they do not remove a nature-friendly collection and also add new gains to their lives by inspiring users.
Converse, with the timeless of the shoes produced, many of us have provided at least one model to the shoe cabinet. We have a more important reason to add the second and third model to our cabinets: being a part of the recycling!