Today, that particular part of the autumn-winter months indispensable trench coat has become a thing of the past and how we used to say at the moment which could kombinlen as part of the Milagro team for you! Raincoats, was first introduced in military life. Soldiers can protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions, it began to wear water-resistant cotton gabardine fabric fondly. By Thomas Burberry double-breasted trench coat designed with these forms of fabric created, long belts, they provide ease of movement for the soldiers large collar and roomy pockets. The Women II. She began to wear trench coats during World War II time period because it was popular in military clothing for both women and men. Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Munroe, raincoats thanks to Hollywood stars such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn has become more popular. Breakfast at Tiffany's trench coat that he wore on stage soaked kiss in the rain with Hepburn's Holly Golightly in the film Who could forget? It moved up to the present Cloak fashion and today Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung was spread by modern British style icons like. Raincoats, especially in autumn and winter "switch installed as" practical and elegant choice for your name took its place in most people's wardrobes.

Raincoats By Length

Raincoats are divided into three categories according to their size; short, medium and long. Short trench have been bulky and ceasing type bit just below the buttocks, may be preferred in more petite women side. Leg length are longer and can kombinlen fabric with long pants or with mini skirts. Medium-sized clothing, raincoats and ends at the level of the knee are pieces that can move easily every body type. The long length trench coats, are species extending from the knee to the ankle, usually transported in the comfortable side of tall women. In the past more black trench coat made of white and beige colors that we see in the more vibrant colors produced in 2021. COLOREV brand of orange, green, pink and lilac raincoat quite ideal for those who enjoy winter and summer color kombinler. These colors can be used both in raincoats memorization disrupts daily life and we think the night in style. COLOREV every model of the long trench coat category though small touches and adapted to tailor touch with each painting.

Baize Black Cloak

Baize short black trench coat, ideal for those who wonder of classic color. With his back zipper details and long belt you can use these jackets for both day and night with an air of mystery. During the day, with the kombinlenebilirk with jeans and knitwear; The night of elegance can be one color combined with a black mini dress. Moreover, in this trench Milagro at the moment 25% discount!

Figure COLOREV Green Leather Trench Coat

Green leather raincoat COLOREV quite marginal and so stylish! We raincoat, we imagined the opposite of green with an orange tone with black or in a boiler easier. This model also blue, pink and beige colors are also available. keep an eye on them!

Rêveuse Retro Cloak

De Rêve retro bright blue raincoat fabric of the Goss brand was produced only in limited numbers. We've dreamed of this trench coat and long boots with big hoop earrings. today the iconic trench coat in the Matrix movie review could call for this part ...