MM6 Maison Margiela, after the launch of the new collection in February, the work union with Eastpak began with Eastpak and the products of this partnership were found to be with lovers in October! In the joint study with Eastpak, the theme in the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection was determined as "Reverse Mode". MM6 Maison Margiela is recognized with unusual approaches and unexpected matches. The brand for the collection jointly made with Eastpak, the traditional EastPAK fragments redesigned upside down and backwards. In the collection, 5 different styles are combined with 4 different colors (red, white, black, blue) and MM6 Maison Margiela are included in one of the Eastpak labels. The classics of the classics of the EastPak as well as the Milagrron Team as well as the Milagrron team were excited! What do you say to review these models individually?
"Back to back"
The most remarkable model in the five-part collection is an undisputed, EastPak's Padded Pak'r bag from the two-filled rear panel in the PAdded Pak'r bag is the "BackToback" backpack. There are straps and labels behind both the new backpack and behind. In the first view, this bag is ideal for those who want to complete the combination of the combination with an unusual piece!
Padded Pak'r in different colors
Eastpak, Legendary Padded Pak'r We can say the backpack to the market in almost every color tone since 1976. MM6 revealed black, blue, red and white models to black, blue, red and white by making it possible to use more than one color of this classic model. If you want to get a backpack for a long time Padded Pak'r but if you are unable to decide the color is now easier! It makes the simplicity of the preferred colors and the daily life makes the backpacks more comfortable.

Japanese tote
The distinctive Japanese Tote model in EastPAK X MM6 Maison Margiela Japanese collection was inspired by geometric Japanese bags. It is also a so easy to carry this model which is quite large as a volume. Like other models in the collection, this model can also be used both in-house and offers you different color options.

Springer's Reverse Modes
For those looking for minimalization in the bag, Eastpak's eye-catching Springer is more vivid and more dynamic in the MM6 collection! "Reverse mode" concept has been successfully applied in this model and 3 colors (red, blue, black) made available by converting to white. EastPAK X MM6 Maison Margiela Cooperation does not only make colors transformable! This cooperation, which leads to recyclability, increases variety in a bag by offering different color options.