We are talking about the opening of universities for a short time ... "opening" are physically talking to the opening of universities and the campus will be returned; This means it's time to decide which combinations will be returned to school! Although we are trying to pay attention to how to look at the screen in the distance education process, we all were bored with all the sweatsuits or in the online classes with pajamas. Time for a long time waiting in our closet, newly taken but not excessed parts evaluating and adapting them to today's fashion, with several small additions! So how is the campus fashion this year? Before the first day of the fall period comes, we compiled several savior parts and the combine suggestion that you can exchange the return to school.

Tissue contrast
Jeans with satin jackets, athlete biker tights with blazer jackets full time comin '! This year is the year of the contrasts and this contrast is quite easy to catch with the Equpe Satin Blazer jacket in the Oversize Mold. In our opinion, both in stylish and official events and more sports can be preferred on normal school days with a combin.

Oversize Sweatshirt
From Ariana Grande to Hailey Bieber everyone loves this style. A long hooded Sweatshirt and sneakers will be the most redeeming combination for the first day. Those who don't like more trendy views and are comfortable with the comfort, this may try the combini! If you still haven't seen the series that WWF Market produced specially to Milagron is the exact order of looking at the moment!

A brand that never goes out of fashion, Converse
Converse's new series Run Star Hike is a very nice whole with both jeans and sweatpants. The fact that the base is high and thick, different from other models, this series comply with the autumn.