New Era Hats, one of the most important parts of American sportswear, is now often we did not start seeing frequently? The new ERA brand established in the roaring twenties, we would not have an unfair commented by stating the identity and creativity of the creative day by day. So how new ERA hats have changed from day to day and are currently combined with the trend parts? As a Milagrron team, we examined the history of New ERA for you and compiled the popular combinations used today!

At the beginning of the 1950s, especially in the indispensable part of those who adopt the sportswear, New Era hats. New Era's most important causes of loving and frequently preferred; The comfort, adjustability and vibrant colors used in the head! In the twentieth century, New Era, the NFL (American Football League), which extends their horizons, began to design and produce the hats. With this; New Era, Australia Cricket Bow Bash League and Manchester United Hats and we can say that an international growth started to brand. Be no wonder that a brand that increases its product range and international consultation to the day of this speed!
The use of new ERA hats has not only limited to the sports combinations and it has become a piece that almost everyone adds to everyone's daily street style. New Era hats, as a product range is too expanded; In the summer, the spring and autumn seasons in the summer, in the winter months, in winter, were used in winter with sweatshirts. In short, New Era proved to everyone that the hats are not only a piece of summer season! The hats, which are in a beautiful fit with large ring earrings, can also be considered with long necklaces. In the combinations of adopting the hip-hop style, we often see this duo.
The color selection of the new ERA hats that can be used with both the open hair and the ponytail model are very important. When those who want to create contrast can choose colors such as black, gray, navy blue and red if those with open color hair; The brunettes can try white, pink, beige and blue colors.
We recommend that the female-male is not realizing young-old everyone to obtain at least one new ERA and add this comfortable touch to their styles!