With the New Year's approach, the lights of the city went up, the celebration plans began to be determined, and in a nutcase, we were all excited about New Year's Eve! As the Milagron team, we have prepared New Year's gift proposals for you this week. Whether you want your best friend or your girlfriend or you can pick a gift from this list to the lucky one who comes out to you in the Christmas retreat ... Come on, let ' s take a look at these gifts of different categories!

House of Sfirst "Liore Demi Bra":

If you want to buy a special gift for your girlfriend at Christmas, you might prefer the "Liore Demi Bra" model of House of Sfirst. This piece that can be very stylish, especially with a V-collar sweater or an omzu with open trilooms, will be a pretty romantic choice!

Luna Merdin "Mari Triple Shahmeran Gold":

You can get Luna Merdin's brand of gold in gold as a Christmas present to your mother, your sister, or your girlfriend. Why? This part is a timeless and timeless fashion model that can appeal to women of all ages!

Ecotone '' Brooklyn Kapitone Open Antrite Purse '':

The apple leather logo, which is made of vegan silk, is detailed, the capitone bag, which makes you feel both stylish and comfortable with the person you gift with the comfortable mold and the soft texture. At this time when the gate is in fashion, you can gift the unisex bag of Ecotone to all of your friends who need bags without a woman-male notice.

Labarin Studio " The Verona Black Dress '':

We recommend that you give the labarin studio's minidress before Christmas Eve, because we think this dress is a new year's dress! The big ring can be made with earrings and high heels, and a very stylish combo. If we were, we'd finish this look with red lipstick!

WWF Market '' The Penguin Hoodie Red '':

If you're looking for a gift to a person that you can't decide what to buy, and you're in a position to make a guaranteed choice, the Hoodiths of WWF Market will be a pretty ideal choice. Our choice was penguin red, from hoodians that people of all ages would love without a woman-male. Right now, it's on sale at a 25% discount on Milagron!

American Vintage Katsfact Lentil Jacket:

If you want to buy your wife, your brother, or your boyfriend a fancy and lasting gift, American Vintage's green blazer will be a viable choice. You can use this jacket with its arms curled or in its long form, you can combination with jeans.

Eastpak Orbiter Peanuts Woodstock Backpack: How To Do It?

This is a suggestion that comes with a kid or a Woodstock fan who wants to buy a gift for a friend! Eastpak's classic Padded Pak'r model is more fun and cheerful in this series. And this model is now at 30% discount on Milagron!



Bouffee Cloud Tripod Lamp White Ped:

Bouffee Cloud's cloud-shaped lamp lamp is a gift that everyone will love! We recommend this piece in the house, which can also easily adapt to the aura of Christmas, to those who are looking for a stylish housewarming gift!