We started the months we are trying to keep up with the autumns and to keep up with the city! Type the eye baby to the wicker bags "Goodbye!" Deyip, the city's favorite to the backpacks "Hi!" We say ... We have reviewed backpacks that have our savior parts in the city life for you this week!

Not only with backpacks; Herschel Supply CO, which we know with waist bags, suitcases, purses and business cards, has become one of the world's leading bags manufacturers. In 2009, the brand, color diversity and practicality born in Vancouver, as soon as the young-old, female-male was everyone's favorite. So why?
Our backpack has been immediately in our minds, he went beyond this prejudice with its Herschel simple and minimal designs. Herschel, who has become the favorite of skaters, travelers, business people and students, is the forefront with practical design understanding. The reason for the practicality is not only limited to "backpack" and take part in the laptop, keychain and headphone link bundles together!