"Grease" (1978):
Very loved musical romance is still remembered with "grease", musical performances and inspiring costumes! In the film, Australian Change Student Sandy (Olivia Newton-John), is in love with Sandy Danny Zuko (John Travolta), of course, to fill the girlfriends .. .
After Drama and Heart, the good girl Sandy returns Danny's head by a narrow black leather suit and bright red heels in the school carnival. Today, the Skinny Jean-Stiletto Combin, which is still a combine of trends, we can start to be reused by inspiring the "grease" film! The leather jacket and large collar shirts in the male fashion are also inspired by the Danny Zuko in the beginning of the combinations.

"Pretty Woman" (1990): 
Julia Roberts were the romantic comedy queen of 80s and 90s and "Pretty Woman" has become one of his most famous movies. Such as it is undoubtedly, the effect of costume designs is great! When the "Pretty Woman" is called, do most of us come to the mind of the elegant red dress? In the film, Vivienne (Roberts), the rich work-human Edward is to pay for the money to accompany him to high-level social events, the life changes forever. Most Vivienne's transformation are depicted by costume changes, including an elegant red dress with gloves in elbow long.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the costume designer of the film said the Vance of Marilyn Vance: "Vivienne's journey begins with fashion." To help to change the wardrobe to fit Edward to fit the first-class lifestyle, who could have known that Vivienne can carry this from this founded inspiring clothes?
"Clueless" (1995): 
"Clueless" is the most famous of the youth films in the Romatik-Comedy, passing in Beverly Hills. In the film Alicia Silverstone, he starred as a character that is a character that is well-intentioned but a more wrong decisions. Cher's emotional changes were quite quick, but their clothes followed were never deteriorated; We could say that even the most unhappy has the owner of the style!
One of Cher's most iconic clothes was the yellow plaid skirt-jacket suit. Cher completing the cobin with white long socks, of course, the coolest girl in his school! At the present time, the effect of the inspirational costumes of the Clueless movie in the fact that the colored plaid suits are re-trend ...
"Atonement" (2007): 
Period drama "Atonement" te, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, misfortunate lovers, fragmented with false rumors and the horrors of the war. In the film Knightley, he was wearing a gorgeous green ridge outdoor dress who was all who fascinates. Costume designer Jacqueline Durran, Entertainment Weekly on this remarkable dress of this remarkable dress on the 10th year of the film: "Knightley has a shot outside standing outside, and the dress is so well designed, this is a great shot of the 30's real charm of this wonderful shot and Moves today's modernity at the same time ...
You can make a really gorgeous dress, but if you really don't photograph it to show the best, it never reflects his gorgeousness. "
"Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961): 
Audrey Hepburn was already in the summit of their success in classics such as "Roman Holiday" and "Funny Face" as "Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Each costume, every accessory and every hairstyle event is a name that adopts elegant and attractive style even today! "Breakfast at Tiffany's (Breakfast at Tiffany)" is the romantic comedy that follows a young society (Hepburn) in love with New York.
Hepburn is wearing a lot of clothes referring to high class status throughout the film, but the black dress in which we all wear on the opening scene of the most prominent dress in the mind of us! Hepburn's Hubert de Givenchy gown seen as a summit in the twentieth century fashion, is the concept of "Little Black Dress" in everyone's closet, ie "black mini dress".
"Casino Royale" (2006): 
Costume designs are large in the Casino Royale's most admired movies in the James Bond series! The Bond we watched with well-kept and stylish style maintains its elegance that even in the highest action scenes of the adrenaline. Bond, style and character, so much more for all of us! What about "Bond girls"? We watched the fairly skilled and attractive partners accompanied by James Bond in each Bond movie; Denise Richards, Rosamund Pike, Bérénice Marlohe, Léa Seydoux and EVA Green ...
The most icon of these is the Vesper Lynd that Eva Green revived. Both intelligence and attractiveness to affect Bond, Vesper's costumes were as impressive as the character. Vesper's Roberto's Roberto Cavalli signed deep back decollated purple dress both Bond and we admired him to follow.