Milagron Ltd. Sti. No. 6698 as your personal data Personal Data Protection Act ( "Act") as appropriate treatment, we attach great importance to maintain. Our customers personal data collection, processing, transferring our goal and our methods and accordingly would like to inform you about your rights arising from the Act.

  1. methods for the collection of personal data Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. In its capacity as the responsible data, in accordance with our legal obligations arising from the legislation; To benefit from our services brand, to inform you about our campaign if you consent to receive suggestions and complaints recorded, the first to be able to create better service standards, Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. Determination of commercial and interpreting your personal data for purposes such as business strategy and implementation, website, social media channels, spoken with mobile applications and other means, we collect through written or electronic methods.

    2. The processing of personal data and processing purposes Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. as, the capacity of our call centers responsible for the data, written communication with our channel, our social media pages, mobile communication channels, in-store communication channels and / or through all kinds of channels including, but not limited to; We obtain within your approval personal and / or have specific and private information can be totally or partially obtained can be recorded, stored, stored, modified, updated, it may be checked periodically, rearrange, and can be classified, as the period prescribed in or related laws required for this purpose they are processed It can be maintained, Milagro Electronic Cruise if legal or actual requirements depending on the service. Ltd. Co.'s work together as private-legal person with or legally liable and where the public institutions and / or 3rd person, a real person concerned who are resident in Turkey or in abroad / legal person can be shared with / transferred, statutory or services due to actual requirements if transferred abroad.

    Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. Customers can benefit from the services of our brands, to inform you about our campaign if you consent to receive suggestions and complaints recorded, you have to be able to create a better standard of service, Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. We offer strategies and determination of commercial and business purposes and in any case such as the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698, and for your information we can process your personal data in accordance with the relevant legislation.

    3. Milagro Electronic Cruise Transferring Personal Data. Ltd. Ltd. Sti., Said personal data only; Within the framework based on your explicit consent or specified in the Act security and privacy principles in the country with the condition to be taken sufficient measures and the necessary security measures required to register with abroad, the execution of the Company's activities, the provision of business relationships between our clients with data owners and / or modified for this purpose negotiations, services, in order to increase the opportunities and facilities offered and the quality of service; group our company, our business partners, should our activities negotiated that we have and the services we offer customers, suppliers, inspection companies or legal obligation which must be authorized to request this data to public institutions or organizations may be shared with other relevant authorities, including but not limited to.

    4. Personal Data owners of REIT Act ( "Act") Deemed Rights in Article 11 of the Electronic Cruise Milagro. Ltd. Sti. the persons concerned will respond to the following requests:
    a) The Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Co.'s functioning and learning that their personal data for which processing of personal data,
    b) to obtain information related to the purposes of the processing activities,
    c) The Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Co.'s domestically or abroad know that the transfer of personal data by third parties,
    d) Personal data is missing or incorrectly processed appeared not want them to be corrected,
    e) lawfully requesting deletion or destruction of personal data,
    f) the correction of the personal data, if requested to be erased or not; the transactions of personal data transferred to third parties that want to be notified,
    g) the processed data of the person by analyzing exclusively automated systems by itself against the appeal, and a result of the emergence of
    h) receive a copy of the personal data.

    You can contact us with your comments and questions.
    Title: Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti.
    Phone: 0850 307 27 83
    Mersis No:
    Tax Office: Besiktas
    Tax Number: 1061328213
    Address: Levent Mah. Cengizhan SK. No: 16 Besiktas / Istanbul
    Mail: I

    Privacy and Security
    Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. Online Shop, some personal information in order to provide better services to its customers (name, age, interests, e-mail etc.) Is requested from you. Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. The information gathered in this online shop server, periodic campaigns, constructed of special promotional activities and unsolicited e-mail that customers should not be forwarded for customer profile "classification" just Milagro electronic speed their work. Ltd. Sti. Shop Online is used in the body. Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. Online Shop, said the information it collects from members of the news subscription form or otherwise, without authorization, do not share with third parties, extracurricular activities are therefore no use for commercial purposes and are not selling well.

    Customer information can only be disclosed to the public authorities upon request in cases where such information and photos have to explain to official authorities in accordance with applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation authority.

    All information is accessed only by the customer's system to enter the customer and the customer can change this information only. This information to reach someone else and changing them is not possible. Your credit card information requested on the payment page, there is no way to keep the safety of our valued customers the highest level of Milagro shoppers from the site of the Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti. Online Shop or is serving to keep him company in the server. Milagro Electronic Rate of pay for all transactions in this way. Ltd. Sti. Online Shop to take place between the bank and your computer via the interface is provided.

    Use of Cookies
    Cookies, your computer or your mobile device when you visit our site (such as a smartphone or tablet) was recorded small text files or information.

    Cookies, we are using our sites easier to use and to adjust according to your needs and interests. Internet sites that can read and write files and cookies so your recognition and is provided to you to remember important information about you in order to offer a more convenient web site (like remembering your preferred settings).

    Cookies also help speed up your future movements on our site. In addition, visitors may also use cookies to understand how people use our site and to improve the design and usability of our sites to collect statistical information about the use of our site.

    Milagro Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sti.
    Address: Levent Mah. Cengizhan SK. No: 16 Besiktas / Istanbul
    Phone: 0850 307 27 83

Below you will find our Light Text and Cookie Policy.

Lighting Text & Cookie Policy

MILAGRO Electronic Rate. Ltd. Sty Customers, Members and Visitors Lighting for the Protection of Personal Data Text

Dear Visitors, Customers and our members,

Our practices regarding your personal data and the processing of Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 ( "Law") Under the" Data Manager "in his capacity as Milagro Electronic Hiz. Ltd. Sti. ("Milagrance") As we would like to inform you about your personal data we process.

This text:

  • i milagron.coInternet site ( "sites") Or to visit the program that you download to your mobile phone Milagro ("Ideas") Do not use the Site / Ideas from or to make purchases with contactless payment systems or be sent to you by the purchases made by 3rd party or Site / Mobile application to become a member ("Site Member”),
  • Commercial communication channels with the public and your consent to be personalized campaigns to inform,
  • through mutual communication channels to contact us,
  • Enterprise sales process regarding the need to contact the Milagron'l and / or do your gift shopping or obligation regarding the corporate sales process, product, etc. be sent,
  • Milagro was organized by the campaign, contest, raffle and other activities you participate in,

if lighting is located in the text concerning the use of your personal data.

Sites like cookies, and Mobile Applications. programs are used. You can find hereafter our cookies policy.

 1) What is our aim and we process your Personal Data Processing your Personal Data?

 Site / Mobile Application Usage and Site / Mobile Shopping Application (The subscribers or shopping üyeliksiz)

Site / Mobile Application or your use of the Site / Mobile Application If you wish to place an order through our system,

  • the realization of the shopping process, order preparation, packaging, shipment preparation, shipping, updating the shipping information, if you want to take delivery of your ship your order or order your order store of your own records we create in our system can be distinguished from the records of the other customers, after-sales operational processes (exchange, refunds, product reviews, etc.) rather than be brought, identification with the goals can be sent to you by e-invoice for your purchase (name) and contact information (email address, phone number, address) and shopping (shopping date, time, amount, exchange content, payment and payment details) information,
  • your credentials and billing information in order to invoice is issued, also if you are a taxpayer bill you some additional information (ID number, tax number, individual company information)
  • Your credit card information in order to get the payment if you wish to make your payment by credit card (credit card information is transferred by us to be saved without payment institutions).
  • People by Site / Mobile Application is out of your case by sending the ordered product delivered to you in order to name and surname, we are processing your mobile phone and address information.
  • Site and Mobile App and use during your visit encountered technical / software errors, in order to be able to identify the shortcomings and costs Site and Mobile App use information, we process.

Membership Sites (Site / Mobile Applications)

  • ensure the realization of the membership process, bring with you instead of the required conclude that we membership agreement, members can be made of the entry, identification with the intention to perform the informational membership (name), contact (email address, phone number) and password information,
  • As a Member Sites / Ideas out if desired to shopping need to re-enter information on each purchase transaction using without the member credentials in order to allow you to shop (name) and communication (telephone number, email address, delivery and billing address information) information,
  • As a member of your order to view your order history, your shopping information (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment details),
  • Shops and Site will be created according to the purchases you will make you benefit from the Site to make you benefit from the Site to make sure you can earn points and use these points, generally or custom personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements, campaigns, competition, raffle and campaigns. Organizing other activities, segmentation, reporting, profiling, marketing and analysis studies, mobile application, site or other 3rd party environments, Milagron ads and marketing / communication activities (Mobile Application and Notifications in Site, Pop-Up, Special Offers, Customizing User Screens, Advertising, Search, Poll Vs.) If you are open to your mobile device, your marketing information for the purpose of creating the closest and convenient offers on your mobile device and to improve the user experience on your mobile application (Birth date , Gender, Provincial, County, Demographic Information, Location Information, Site and Mobile Approaches, Habits, Favorites, Likes, Behaviors, Preferences, Search Movements, Segments, Past Shopping, Cookie records, cookies and advertising identifiers / ID information and device ID, payment methods and preferences, mobile application and site use time, mobile application version information, communication preferences, shopping amount, payment channels, bank information used to take place, the brand, used to the device, Model, Technical Property and Operating System information, used operator information, survey answers, etc.), are processing.

Commercial Communication Processes 

If you provide a commercial communication permit / open consent, the general or specific personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements, informations, advantages, promotions, ads, informations, advantages, promotions, advertisements, information (SMS, Email, Search etc.) for you with the advantages, promotions, ads, informations, advantages, promotions, advertisements, informations. And we are processing your identity (name last name) and communication (phone number, e-mail address) for the purpose of transmitting surveys, campaigns, competition, raffle, invitation, opening and other activities related to our services.

Corporate Sales Processes

Preparation of your proposal for your request, if you accept the proposal to your side, forwarding your information to the relevant units to your products, to be contacted on your products to your products, to be contacted on the required drums and new order processes, contact (name last name, mobile phone), customer transaction (offer, order, shipping information), billing information and processing the institution information you are working

  1. Gifts on your side as part of corporate sales processes by persons, product etc. In case of submission, we are processing the name last name, mobile phone, address, and the institution information you are working on your order to be delivered to your side.

Call Center / Customer Relations Processes / Live Sales Consultancy

Our communication channels (call center, e-mail, site, mobile application, social media, online messaging / voice call application, online messaging / voice call application etc.) to resolve your problems with us, to resolve your complaints, fashion and style questions about them, if necessary Identity (name last name), communication (address, email address, phone number), customer transaction (your complaints, gift / discount / discount / benefit uses) in order to be able to contact you in order to be able to contact Visual / Audio Registration and if necessary, your legal transaction information; In addition, we are processing the call center audio records to be used as evidence in terms of customer satisfaction.

Legal processes and in-house activities

Fulfilling our obligations resulting from the legislation and processing your identity, communication, shopping, invoice and process security (for the purpose of) to fulfill our other legal obligations against authorized and duty public institutions and organizations.

In the disputes that are born in disputes, the use of the right to any case, answer and appeal against official institutions and organizations such as the Referee Delegation, and the execution of the negotiation and agreement processes on disputes, and if you require information on our side, and in-house inspection, internal control and in the scope of reporting, test, development and improvement studies (name last name), communication (phone number, e-mail address, address), shopping, invoice, camera images, audio records, information on process security (, Site membership, site / Mobile application shopping is processing your legal transaction information (correspondence and file information) with log records on the permit / open consent / contract confirmation within commercial communications.

Mobile application, site and other milagran systems to prevent membership contracts, legislation, legislation, legislation, legislation and moral use of suspicious transactions and unlawful use of identity, communication, credit card information (only top 6 and last 4 Household information) We are processing your trading safety information with your shopping and order information.

2) Who can we transfer your personal data to and which purpose?

Your personal data, information technologies, marketing / advertising / analysis activities, logistics services, payment services or expertise requiring consulting etc. For the purpose of receiving products and service support on topics, our company's home service providers and business partners (call center, collecting personal data through devices, marketing / advertising / analysis service providers, database and server service providers, site and mobile application usage services, monitoring services, e- Mail server service providers, e-billing and e-archive invoice service providers, electronic communication tool service providers, cargo and courier companies, suppliers, suppliers, card printing providers, printing services, warehouse service providers, bank and electronic payment organizations With legal and financial advisory services, independent audit services, archiving services, archiving services, customer support-interview services and online messaging services, and with online messaging / audible service providers), information, documents against forensic authorities with authorized public institutions and organizations. fulfill our relevant other obligations and In order to use our legal rights such as case and answer rights, these institutions, organizations and authorities referred to in these institutions, organizations and authorities, to prevent suspicious transactions, determination and prevention of unlawful transactions, in the necessary procurement and relevant processing of the relevant processing, Site and Mobile Application We can share with our business partners within the scope of activities related to increasing visit traffic.

Transfer to abroad: Information technologies, marketing / advertising / analysis activities, or consulting that requires expertise etc. with service providers abroad to obtain products and hemetry support on topics (under Cyber ​​Security) and related to business partners in order to fulfill the requirements of agreements within the scope of our agreements, and / or abroad in order to meet our agreements with our business partners. Identity, finance, communication, marketing, location, due to abroad suppliers' servers abroad

3) What is the method of gathering your personal data and the law of legal?

Your personal data, milagrans, subsidiaries, suppliers or business partners; Saving the information you share to the call center to our systems, situations or memberships that you make via the site or mobile application to our systems or membership transactions, the data of the data consisting of fixed-mobile-qualified internet and communication devices and / or mobile applications in various environments and in various environments and the location of the data are recorded in the systems of the If you are a site member and the location of locations in the mobile application is on and / or if the Bluetooh feature is on on your mobile device, the collection of your local application by the mobile application, the necessary information for the products you want to order and the information you want to order various communication channels (phone call, e-mail Like) Sounds on our systems to our employees to our systems, Site and all kinds of shopping, collection, delivery, processing, survey, recording and behavioral transactions on the site and mobile application. Saving the routing of our parties to the site and mobile application from the websites to the site and mobile application, the Call Center, mobile application, site, e-mail addresses, social media and similar technologies working in the site or mobile application as described in the cookie policy. In order to contact us during other communication channels, saving your contacts you have made with the requests, complaints and call center with your contacts, saving your mail order forms or information / documents related to you from the official institution, organization and forensic / administrative authorities to your private order processes or return processes. We collect the registrations with no automatic methods with the record of the relevant paperwork.

Your personal data is required to establish the data responsibility for the establishment and performance of the contract for the establishment and execution of the contract for the establishment and performance of the Convention on the Site and Mobile Application on the Sale and Mobile Application. to the legal cause of "legal obligation of our storage obligations caused by the legislation; Relating to the Site Membership Process, "The necessary for the establishment and performance of the Convention is" and you will give "open consensus" legal reasons; Call Center / Customer Relationship Processes in relation to the processes "necessary for the establishment and performance of the Convention" and "the legitimate interests of the data responsible for the legitimate interests of the data is required to the legitimate benefits of the legitimate reasons; If you request the storage of your information in commercial communication processes or special order processes, we are collecting on the basis of the "open consent" you will give. You can end up with the open consent to the open consent by retracting your open consent anytime and no justification.

4) What are your rights?

You can always apply to our rights on Article 11 of the Law on Article 11 of the Law, regarding your personal data processed by us. Milagrron Electronics His applications are responsible for your applications. Ltd. You can send e-mail from your e-mail address to our address as described in our address as described below.

Address: Levent Mah. Cengizhan SK. No: 16 Besiktas / Istanbul


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