Please read the contract carefully below before our site is members.

Article - 1 Parties

This User Agreement ("Agreement"), Levent Mah. Cengizhan SK. No: 16 Milagron Electronic Sea at Besiktas / Istanbul. To LTD.Şti ("Milagrance" or "Company") Belongs towww.milagron.comto the website ("Web siteTo ") or Milagron mobile app ("Mobile Application") all persons with a member ("MemberWere streamed in an electronic environment between "). The company and the member are hereinafter "Sides"It will be referred to as.

Article - the subject of 2 contracts

This Convention is the fact that the Company owner of the Company or the Mobile Application is the members of the products and the use of the services to benefit from the service and the use of the service will benefit from.

Article - Establishment of 3 Convention
  • Agrees that the Member has read, understand, understand, their rights and obligations.
  • The parties accept that there are no discrepancies between the agreedings agreed with the contract and that mutual affairs are in accordance with the nature of the work and the contract has not had any disownerships within the scope of the transactions entering the issue.
  • The member agrees that the transactions under the Contract are in accordance with their interests in accordance with their interests and agree to all the conditions, without any difficulty or distress, thinkingly and knowingly, without any hassle or distress.
  • The parties agree that the provisions of the Convention have not carried an unfair requirement, in terms of balance of interests.
  • The provisions of this Agreement do not include any unfair terms in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the unfair conditions in the consumer contracts. The provisions are not contrary to the rule of honesty and the good and are prepared in accordance with the consumer's protection legislation.
  • The provisions of this Agreement are prepared by considering the provisions of the Law of Turkish Liabilities. It is made by the Binding and Content Control of the Turkish Liabilities of Liabilities. The provisions of this Agreement do not carry a stranger (surprising conditions) to the nature of this Convention and the characteristics of the work. The provisions of this Agreement are clearly and understoodly written and does not express multiple meanings.
Article - 4 membership
  • Membership is gained in the Website or by completing the membership operations in the mobile application (and the transfer of this Convention).
  • Member, 4.1. under Article win membership, account open or services in any way to use at least 18 (eighteen) years old (or older), and that is to declare that you understand and accept these conditions. Members of at least 13 (thirteen) years of age with the same time provided that it has the power to discriminate, 18 (eighteen) if under the age of Internet Site or mobile application only needs to use a parent or accompanied by a legal representative, and in this context members of this Convention affirms the parent's or legal representatives agree to and examined. 13 (thirteen) under the age no one can use the services in any way.
  • Members, regarding the membership process correctly, the Company is obliged to provide true and timely information. This information is determined by the scope of the Company and can be changed if necessary, its scope expanded. Members shared by this information can be updated and changed at any time. To provide the necessary information to continue the member's membership and the need to update the information if there is any change.
  • The company can share the information of the official authorities to meet the requirements of the regulatory or execution or the requirements of the judicial decisions and as limited to the demand with the official authorities. If a privacy decision of the relevant official authority is not available, the member is notified. The Milagron may explain the personal information of the Member in the cases where it brings good faith in good faith when necessary to maintain and defend their own rights and property.
  • The Company can make evaluations and statistical studies by making members and / or personal information by anonymous, can make them work over the website in a general way. The Name and Internet Protocol (IP) of the Internet Service Provider used to access the site / application within the framework of legal legislation in the development of the Company's Website / Mobile Application in the framework of legal legislation within the framework of legal legislation, accessed on the site or application accessed on site or application. A number of information can be collected as the Internet address of the website that allows you to connect to the pages and the application directly.
  • If members use a nickname (Nick Name) within the scope of the fact that they are members of the Website or Mobile Application cannot be contrary to applicable legislation and ethics; Insulting, profanity, noving, derogatory, can not contain damage to personality rights.
  • Members can get out of memberships when they wish. In this case, the Member reports the request to exit membership to the Company and allows the necessary actions to be deleted from the membership. When these procedures are completed, the output process takes place. Due to the rights and obligations and contracts due to the right to exit date from the Membership to the date of the Convention, there will be no effect on the provisions of the provisions that should be applied to the provisions (due to contradictions, final provisions etc.) membership.
Article - 5 Service by Member and Service Cost
  • The member can visit the Internet Site or the relevant section of the Mobile Application and fill in the departments that are required for the registration and start to benefit from the products and services offered by the Website or Mobile Application within this Convention after the party. The products and services offered by the company can only be used by the member for purposes of law.
  • The Web site or mobile app can be registered for free.
  • The Company may create campaigns of promotional codes in relation to their product and related services at its discretion. In relation to the promotional codes or campaigns, the Company will inform Members if they have chosen to inform the Member in this context. The company accepts that the Company can explore any transactions and / or action that may exploit the service offered by promotion or campaign, 13-18 years of age and the power to distinguish, and that he received his parent's or legal representative to the corresponding promotion / campaign and the relevant promotion. declares. Promotional codes or campaigns; It should be used in accordance with the purpose and law, it should not be transferred to another unless approved by the Company is not approved by the Company and should be used only for the promotion or campaign. Promotion or campaigns can be canceled without any reason when it wishes by the company. There is no right to any claim against the Company, which is awarded the Canceled promotion or campaign. At the same time, the member always has the opportunity to reject commercial electronic communication intake in the phase of receiving commercial electronics message. It will always be able to reject the commercial electronic communication intake of promotions / campaigns.
Article - 6 Parties' rights and obligations
  • The Member is a member of the Website or Mobile Application, the fact that the personal and other other information given to the Mobile App is true, because of the fact that this information is not updated because of the fact that it is due to the fact that it is in the reality and / or the member information, declaring that the Company will immediately compensate for the company. and commits.
  • The right to use the password that the Member's Web site or mobile application is used to use the password under the membership belongs to the Enclusively Member. The member cannot give this password any third person. All legal and criminal responsibility for the use of the system access to the system used in order to benefit from the password and the Internet Site / Mobile Application (user name, etc.) belongs to the use of all legal and criminal responsibility for use.
  • The member cannot be transferred to another membership.
  • While using the Member, website or mobile application, he agrees to adhere to all legal legislation provisions and not violate the provisions of the provisions, declared and commit. Otherwise, all legal and criminal responsibility to form will belong to the fully and exclusively member.
  • The Member cannot use the Website or Mobile Application in any way that the public order is disrupted, overall moral contrary to others, uncomfortably and harassing, to rapidly raping the ideas and copyrights of others for the legal purpose. In addition, the member cannot be found in the activities that prevent other people from using the services of the service (SPAM, Virus, Trojan or Trojan, etc.) and the operation of the Internet Site / Mobile Application or Software, as it cannot be found in operations.
  • The Ideas and thoughts, shared images, shared images, shared images, messages, interpretations, shared images, messages, shared images, messages, comments and statements used by the Mobile App in the Website or Mobile App. . This opinion, image, comments, messages and thoughts do not have any interest and link to the company. The Company's ideas and opinions that the Member will declare or share the ideas and views that will be shared by the ideas, interpretations or images due to the ideas and opinions that the third person or institutions will declare due to interpretations or images, or because of the following damages, comments or messages. There is no responsibility.
  • The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be undermined because the Internet Site or Mobile App is used by the member. The Company will not be responsible for the fact that the member data is read by unauthorized persons and the damages that may come to the Member Software and data. Because of any damage to the Member Website and Mobile App, he has accepted me to do not claim compensation from Milagron because of any damage.
  • The member agreed to not reach or use other internet users to the software and data without permission. Otherwise, the legal and criminal responsibilities to be born from this belong to fully members.
  • The website or mobile application may link to other websites or applications that are not installed by the Company, which are not found in the Company's control, may link to other websites or applications, these sites or applications. The company is not responsible for the content of other applications or other links and / or references or products / services they contain. These links do not have any declaration or commitment to any information, statement or visual in the purpose of supporting the owner or said site that operates the contacted website. In the same way, the internet site / mobile application is not responsible for the products, services, services and other content that promotes, promotions or banners that are connected to the link via the Internet site / mobile application.
  • The member cannot transfer the user profile created by itself to a third person or allow the use of the third person. Members cannot transfer the rights and obligations caused by this Convention without the Company's approval. The Company may transfer the rights and obligations due to the Convention to 3rd people.
  • If the member breaches the provisions of this Agreement, the criminal and legal responsibility arising from violations belong to individual member. The member will hold the Company from all damages, claims and claims that may arise due to violations. Also; Because of the violations in question, the Company's members are the right to claim compensation.
  • There is always a right to delete or delete all the information, data, documents and files belonging to the membership of the membership of the Company, without any responsibility and to pay compensation without any responsibility.
  • The Website or Mobile Application General View, Design and Software are the company ownership and the copyright and / or other intellectual property rights are protected by the relevant laws, which are unauthorized by the member, cannot be used without permission and can not be used. The Internet Site and Mobile Application are the trademarks of the main companies and its owners, and are also protected under intellectual property rights. The use of the website / mobile application or content within the conditions within the conditions to be provided by the company, it is accessible to the members of the members of the members and / or any right ownership of industrial property and / or any right ownership will not give you the authority.
  • The Company's Personal Information of the Member (A) In the case of the law or regulations that are given in force or a given court decision or administrative orders, and / or (c) website in accordance with and / or (B) Or, in accordance with the Cookie and Privacy Policy and Lighting Text, which can be accessed over the mobile application, and / or (d) can explain to third parties in accordance with the occasionally held in this Convention. The company can examine the confidential information or records in order to access the information and documents requested for inquiry.
  • The website has been taken within the possibilities of the mobile application to be free from virus and similar software. In addition, it is necessary to supply the Member Virus Protection System and provide the necessary protection to ensure final security. In this context, the Member is a member of the Website or Mobile Application, it can be formed in their software and operating systems (including SPAM, Virus, Trojan horse, and but not limited to, but are directly or indirectly responsible for their direct or indirect results. deemed to be.
  • The member agreed to not reach or use other internet site or mobile application users to the software and data without permission.
  • The company is registered on the website or mobile application when the products offered by the products, which are offered, and the internet site or mobile implementation of the Internet site or mobile application wishes, the design and software that they wish, to the members. The user reserves the right to delete information and data.
  • The Company can always update, modify or remove the terms of this Agreement, without any figure and forward preliminary refinement and / or revealability. Each judgment that has been updated, changed or applied is to express the provision for the member on the date of publication.
  • The Member is responsible for providing network access to benefit from the Website or Mobile Application. The member is aware that mobile network data can be used in case of access to the website or mobile application with wireless internet access to mobile network data, messaging tariffs and fees can be applied. It is a responsibility of the Member to provide updates with the appropriate software and devices that are necessary to benefit from the Website or Mobile Application and to keep the Internet site or mobile app. The Company does not guarantee that the Internet Site or Mobile App will work with a specific device or software, and the functions contained with the material will be uninterruptible or faultless. It agrees that the Member may be exposed to malfunctions and delays due to Internet site or mobile application. Because of the technical problems, the company does not assume responsibility for the members of the member due to the interruptions in mobile application access.
  • Within the scope of this Agreement, the irresponsibility records written for the company are also chamber employees and their partners.
  • Without the Company's pre-approval, it is forbidden to link to another website, the content of a website, a website, or any data on any data on the network.
  • All credit card transactions and approvals in the uses of the website are carried out on online bank and similar card organizations regardless of the Internet site or related to mobile application (information such as credit card password are not seen and recorded). The information belonging to the Internet Site or Mobile Application, the information entered for purchasing, product / service purchase and information update purposes, times of credit card and debit cards cannot be displayed by other internet users.
  • Electronic Commercial Message Shipment:In accordance with the company, in accordance with this Agreement, the members have authority to send information to the electronic mail addresses to registered electronic mail addresses in the members of their members and their mobile phones, the member will be considered to be sent to the electronic mailing address and information SMSs of the Information Mail with the approval of this Agreement. If the member wants to cease to receive Mail and / or SMSinfo@milagron.comcan cancel its subscription by e-mail to address.
Article - 7 of the 7 Convention
  • The termination facilities in this Agreement can be terminated when they wish the Member and Milagron This Agreement, provided that the facial facilities are reserved. This Agreement will remain in force to cancel the membership of the Member or to cancel the membership by Milagron. Milagron will terminate the membership of the Member if the Member has violated any provision of the membership agreement.
  • The termination of the Member is carried out by following the procedures of the termination procedures over the website or mobile application. Due to the rights and liabilities and contracts due to the termination of the termination of the termination of termination, there is no effect on the provisions of the provisions (compensation due to contradictions, final provisions etc.).

Article - 8 Recent Provisions

8.1       Law to be applied:This Conconstruction is subject to the law of the Republic of Turkey and will be interpreted accordingly.

8.2       Authorized court:The Istanbul Courts and Istanbul Executive Offices are authorized to solve all discords associated with this Agreement.

8.3 Integrity of contracts and attachments:The attachments of the Convention will constitute an integral part of this Convention and cannot be interpreted separately from each other.

8.4       The attribute of exclusive evidence:The parties agree that the document and electronic records of the Company shall be exclusive evidence in terms of the Company, in terms of the inconvenience of the Company.

8.5       Company Contact Information:The Company's contact information is as follows:

Title: Milagrron Electronic Siz. Ltd. Sty

Address: Levent Mahallesi Cengizhan Street No: 16 Besiktas / Istanbul


The Electronic Mail Address reported by Milagron is considered to be legal and valid notification address for any notification to be made in relation to this Agreement.

8.6       Transactions from Website / Mobile Application:On the website and mobile application, the current transactions are terminated as the Turkish Debt Law, Consumer Legislation and the Sea Consumer Legislation and the Seal Legislation in force.

Member of this Agreement Member is immediately incorporated and mutually entered into force.