Our story

In the spring of 2020 with faith in the 'innovation and development'
When creating the MILAGRON world, one of the most important steps on the way to happiness is to love yourself andWe acted as a consciousness that you are doing well. Only we are adopting to the cosmetic products that can be found in MILAGRON to cosmetic products, personalizing the living space, to the needs of our pets from healthy living products to the needs of our pets on a single platform by providing our customers on a single platform and make it more efficiently as a primary target. In Russian, a pleasant, bulgarian loved, in the Spanish, which means great in the Spanish, 'Mila' and a beautified a lot of design with his comfort in French and its elegance with a beautified silk design of the 'Gron', the products we want to make them feel with our customers in our platform. The excitement of our most recent and young, combines with our understanding of friendly service; We always put customer satisfaction in the first place.


MILAGRON, discover the beauties of life!