Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be a member of Milagron?

We recommend that you get the most trendy news about the Milagron World on time, to contact you if necessary, and to transfer the order status updates to you in a timely manner and to make your purchases after you become a member.

Can I shopping without singing up?

Yes, you can also shop without a member.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can start the new password transactions by pressing the ‘I forgot my password’ button in our member login section.

Can I cancel the order I gave from Milagron?

If your order has not been delivered to the cargo, you can forward your request by e -mail or you can reach us from our support lines between 09.00 - 18.00 every weekday and cancel your order. Repayments vary depending on the internal processes of the bank. Please follow these situations through your bank.

Can I return the products I bought from Milagron?

Our most basic principle is to be happy as a result of your shopping from Milagron. To return your product
If you want; The invoice date has not exceeded 14 days, the product packaging has not been damaged, the product protection tape has not been opened, the labels have not been removed and unused, reusable products you can send back to our address by filling out the return form.

How can I use the campaign and discount coupon codes?

On the basket page, you can take advantage of your campaign or coupon codes by entering your campaign code in accordance with the ‘Coupon Code’ field under the order summary screen.

Can I send gifts and packages through Milagron?

Yes, you can send gifts and packages via Milagron.

How do I make the payment and what are my payment options?

You can pay by using a bank's credit card or a debit card.

Can I make the payment at the door when buying the products?

No, unfortunately we do not work with the option of payment at the door yet.

Is it safe to shop from the Milagron world?

When paying, all information about your credit card is encrypted using 128 bit SSL and automatically reaches the bank where payment transactions are made and provision is obtained. During this process, your information is sent to the bank only, Milagron Ltd. Ltd. is not stored by.

Do you keep my credit card information?

Your Credit Card Information Milagron Ltd. Ltd. is not stored by.

Is my personal information safe in the Milagron world?

Your identity information during the membership registration and shopping is stored in accordance with the membership agreement.

Is VAT included in all product yachts?

Yes, all product you see is included in VAT.

Can I change the products I bought from Milagron?

You cannot replace the products/products you have purchased from Milagron. You can return the relevant products free of charge.

What are the Return Conditions?

- The invoice date must not exceed 14 days.
- Cosmetics, food, underwear, swimsuit/bikini, jewelry products can not be returned.
- The product protection band must not be opened.
- The product label and logos, if any, must not be removed.
- The product must be sold to a different customer again.

How can I be aware of campaigns and discounts?

When you become a member of Milagron, information about the campaigns and discounts on our site will be sent to your e-mail address and phone number you have notified.

What are my payment options?

In all your purchases, you can make your payment by using a credit or bank card of a bank you want or with the option of transfer.

Will I pay for the shipping fee?

No, the shipping fees of all your purchases are covered by us.

Can I have a gift package for my order? Can I add a gift note?

Yes, you can make your order gift package and add a gift note.

Can I shop all over Turkey?

Yes, you can shop from all over Turkey.

Will I pay for the shipping fee while returning the product?

No, the shipping fees of all your return transactions are covered by us.

How can I do the cancellation?

If you want to cancel certain products in your shopping or shopping, you can reach our customer service from +90 850 307 27 83.

When is the return or repayment of the product I canceled?

Following the control process following the return product to us; If a user -source error, deterioration or defo is not detected, the product fee is returned to your credit card or bank account within 10 working days with the legal period.
For the products you cancel; Within 10 working days after your request, the product fee is returned to your credit card or bank account.

What should I pay attention to during cargo delivery?

While the cargo delivered the product to you; If there is a situation that can damage the crush, deformation, wetness or the product, after checking your products by opening the parcel with the cargo officer
Take your product. If you receive damage to the product or in the kol, together with the cargo authority
Keep a record and then deliver this report to us.

Will I pay the shipping fee when receiving the product I bought?

No. All of our purchases in Milagron are covered by the cargo.

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